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  • Top 3 VPS Hosting Providers

    best VPS hosting providers

    VPS networks give users all the benefits of private servers without the cost. VPS stands for Virtual Private Network, and it is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses. The VPS server creates separate, divided accounts for each user on one server. No resources are shared among clients as in shared hosting. This means what one […]

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  • Top 3 Windows VPS Hosting Providers

    best Windows VPS providers

    When choosing new VPS hosting, you need consider the choice for server OS. The majority of servers use Linux, but for those who depend on certain MS-specific technologies, a Windows server will be required. Such technologies include ASP, .NET, Microsoft access or Microsoft SQL (MSSQL). (Note: you only need a Windows server if you plan […]

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  • WHM Tutorial – 8 Easy Tweaks to Optimize VPS Performance


    One common cause of concern for most of the VPS Hosting users is the incremental trend of CPU, bandwidth and memory consumption. Web hosting resources – like Bandwidth, Memory or CPU – come with a certain price tag and it is of utmost importance to limit the usage of resources in order to curb the ever increasing cost of running […]

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  • 3 Cheapest Plesk Panel VPS Hosting Providers

    cheapest Plesk panel VPS

    While cPanel dominates the control panel market in VPS hosting segment, Parallels Plesk Panel is not too far behind in terms of popularity. Especially when it comes to Windows VPS hosting, Plesk is truly giving cPanel/WHM a run for its money. Keeping Plesk Panel’s increasing popularity in mind, here in this article we bring you three […]

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  • When to Move from Shared Hosting to VPS

    shared hosting to VPS

    Thinking of making the jump from shared hosting to VPS? There are plenty of good reasons to move to VPS; plus, doing so doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be spending much more than you did as a shared hosting customer. With the right approach, you can even save money in the long run after you move […]

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  • What to Look for in Cheap VPS Hosting

    buying VPS hosting

    For a small or medium sized business owner who is looking for a cost effective way to get online, a virtual private server hosting solution is usually the way to go. The VPS, as it is shortened, has many advantages that combine the best attributes of shared and dedicated servers without combining their prices. Advantages […]

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  • How to Install Webmin on a Linux CentOS VPS

    install Webmin on Linux centOS

    Webmin is a widely used web based control panel for easily managing most common system administration/configuration activities involved in hosting Unix and Linux servers. Webmin lets a Linux/Unix system administrator manage a system from the console interface or even remotely, without manually editing Unix configuration files using command prompt. When your hosting partner deploys a Linux based Virtual […]

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  • How to Enable Telnet Client on a Windows 8 VPS

    enable telnet client in windows8 VPS

    Windows 8 comes with lots of new features but at the same time, some of the features present in previous versions have either been dropped or disabled due to security issues. Telnet is one such feature to get the boot. Telnet is a text-based command line program which is used to connect to another computer using intranet/internet. Using […]

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  • 3 Cheapest cPanel VPS Hosting Providers

    cheap cPanel VPS

    cPanel VPS hosting makes it extremely easy to manage your files through a graphical interface. Be it the automation of server administration or the installation of third party scripts, you can do it all right from your web browser. So, not just for the end user, it simplifies the work for developers and resellers too. […]

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  • 3 Cheapest Linux VPS Hosting Options

    cheap Linux VPS

    Just like the way you need an Operating System (OS) to run your personal computer, web server also requires an operating system to function. Linux and Windows are among the two most popular operating systems that are available in VPS hosting. But since Linux is an open source OS, it is much cheaper compared to […]

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  • 3 Cheapest Unmanaged VPS Hosting Providers

    cheap unmanaged VPS

    In unmanaged VPS hosting, your web host does not offer you any technical support related to configuration, installation, resources, or performance of your server. But if you are somebody who loves doing this yourself, then you’ll love the way it puts you in total control of your VPS. Apart from giving you the freedom to […]

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  • 3 Cheapest Managed VPS Hosting Options

    cheap managed VPS

    Managed VPS hosting gives you better performance and higher resources than shared hosting, without you having to deal with the technicalities of server management. It is due to this reason that most of the shared hosting customers looking for scalability choose to go with managed VPS. But with most VPS providers claiming to manage one […]

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