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  • Best VPS Hosting for Medium Websites

    vps for medium websites

    A good VPS service will help you save money by paying for only what you need — while allowing you to expand your hosting as necessary. Medium-sized sites have the opportunity to grow in various directions as they age. For example, you might find you wish to implement a forum or other community features. Any […]

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  • Best VPS Hosting for Large Websites

    large website VPS

    Large websites will inevitably make the biggest demands on a hosting company. Before moving a large site to a new service, it is important to evaluate it. Reputation, reliability, support quality and technology are all key factors in making a final decision. Large sites have had the opportunity to attract a dedicated following that will […]

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  • 5 Reasons to Move over from Shared Hosting to VPS

    why move from shared hosting to vps

    Many websites get started with shared hosting. Shared hosting is inexpensive and provides an easy way to test new website ideas. However, once your site begins to grow and become established, you’ll find a number of drawbacks to shared hosting. Generally, you’ll want to upgrade to better hosting as soon as your budget allows it. […]

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  • Best VPS Hosting for PHP Websites

    php VPS

    Recent lists of the most popular Web applications are dominated by items programmed in PHP. If you’re a webmaster, PHP-focused applications can give you a major advantage in developing a new Web property that users will enjoy. PHP is an extraordinarily flexible scripting language that has given programmers the power to develop great e-commerce tools, […]

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  • Best VPS Hosting for ASP Websites

    asp VPS

    Are you looking for a VPS host that will provide great service to your ASP-based website or development projects? ASP — also known as Active Server Pages — was one of the first methods around for generating dynamic website content.Although recent versions of Linux may allow you to run a few ASP programs and do […]

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  • Best VPS Hosting for Web Developers

    best vps hosting for developers

    If you’re a Web developer, you know you need a robust and reliable solution for your hosting needs. To get maximum control and flexibility, most Web developers start new sites using VPS hosting. Why is that? The answer is simple. Shared hosting just can’t compare to the granular control you get using a Virtual Private […]

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  • Cheap Blog VPS Hosting

    cheap blog VPS

    Is it time to get started with a great new blog? Launching your blog on a VPS platform is a terrific idea that shows dedication to quality. A VPS is virtually always faster, more stable and more secure than shared Web hosting. Most successful sites will move to VPS eventually! Most of today’s best blogs […]

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  • Cheap ColdFusion VPS Hosting

    Adobe Cold Fusion provides developers with incredible tools for designing rich Web applications. To get the most punch from your Adobe Cold Fusion efforts, you should choose a VPS option crafted with serious developers in mind. Cold Fusion scripting can be an innovative way to get the features you would expect from languages like ASP, […]

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  • Cheap Business VPS Hosting

    cheap business VPS

    On the lookout for cheap business VPS hosting? More companies are actively creating new offers that appeal to small and medium-sized businesses. VPS is a great solution, since reliability and security are enhanced versus shared hosting. VPS hosting is a great idea for businesses because sites hosted on VPS tend to perform better than sites […]

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  • Cheap Frontpage VPS Hosting

    cheap Frontpage VPS

    Microsoft Frontpage is one of the most powerful Web development tools available out there today. To get the most effective experience from Frontpage, though, you need a Web host that is fully compatible with all its features. Using Frontpage, you can work directly on your website and see changes made instantly. Likewise, you could work […]

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  • Cheap E-Commerce VPS Hosting

    cheap ecommerce VPS

    What’s the most important factor when it comes to launching a great e-commerce site? Your site should be fast and reliable, but it should also be cost-effective. There’s no point getting a great e-commerce site with fantastic features if it eats up all your profits! The e-commerce hosting landscape is crowded, but few companies offer […]

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  • Cheap Drupal VPS Hosting

    Cheap Drupal VPS

    Are you considering building a new site in Drupal? Drupal is a great tool for developing a full-featured online community. It is one of the most popular ways to deploy forums and other avenues for your visitors from all over the world to interact. You’ll find many hosts that provide access to Drupal. However, choosing […]

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