Best VPS Hosting for ASP Websites

asp VPSAre you looking for a VPS host that will provide great service to your ASP-based website or development projects? ASP — also known as Active Server Pages — was one of the first methods around for generating dynamic website content.Although recent versions of Linux may allow you to run a few ASP programs and do some ASP development, the best way to get excellent performance is to go with a Windows-based Web host. Running ASP on Linux can lead to inconsistent and unpredictable results.

Unfortunately for ASP lovers, Windows hosts are very much outnumbered by their Linux counterparts. To find a great environment for ASP, you need to look closely at the Web hosts that provide a Microsoft-based hosting experience. There are few dedicated hosts that only work with Windows, so it is also a good idea to ensure that the tech support team is versed in Microsoft technologies. A vibrant user community can also help you to work out ASP-related glitches and questions quickly.

What are the best ASP options for you? Let’s look at three that consistently rank high.

Here are 3 excellent web hosting options for dynamic websites using ASP:

1. Interserver

Interserver is versatile enough to be used by ASP developers, yet simple enough for new webmasters. Although the price of Windows-based VPS hosting is slightly higher than the company’s Linux VPS, its experience and dedicated support can easily make up for it. Interserver’s cloud-focused architecture means it is easy to adjust your VPS on a monthly basis if your site begins to grow. You can select either Windows 2008 or 2012 and test out Interserver using its trial offer — a month of hosting for just one cent.

Exceptional Features of Interserver Windows VPS:

  • 9 Percent Site Availability Guaranteed to All Users Regardless of Operating System
  • Free Migration Services Allow You to Move Your ASP-Based Sites From Other Hosts Fast
  • Optional Features Include Your Choice of Fantastico or Softculous Plus SSD Storage

2. HostingSource

HostingSource is another company that provides both Windows and Linux hosting options. It is remarkable thanks to being one of the only companies out there that has guaranteed 100 percent uninterrupted availability for hosted sites, making it great for sites providing critical services. HostingSource is also worthwhile thanks to the numerous tiers of service it offers. You can get started with the company for a modest amount and grow as needed. If you need a high-end experience, you can also choose managed services for a very affordable price.

The Best Features of HostingSource ASP-Compatible VPS:

  • Start With A Single Gigabyte of RAM, Grow to as Much as Eight Gigabytes as Needed
  • Managed Services Allow You to Get Complete, Customized Support to Meet Your Needs
  • VPS Volume Discounts Mean You Can Get a Maximum of 15 Percent Off a Year of Hosting

3. MyHosting

MyHosting is practically unique in the VPS hosting world thanks to its long-running partnership with Microsoft. As a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, it is frequently able to deliver on the latest Microsoft server software and technology ahead of its rivals. Although MyHosting offers Linux, its deep experience and support for Windows will appeal to users who focus on ASP. Thanks to SAN storage and Hyper-V technology, its Windows VPS is fast and reliable. Unfortunately, it is also one of the more expensive VPS options.

Core Features of MyHosting’s Windows-Based Hyper-V VPS:

  • 100 Percent Uptime Guarantee Backed By One-Hour Response To Tech Support Emails
  • Proactive Patching, Monitoring and “Around The Clock” Technical Support for VPS
  • ASP, ASP.NET and Microsoft .NET Compatibility Plus Microsoft Office for VPS Users

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