Media Temple Web Hosting Review

When trying to run a successful site, owners have to have a comprehensive web host. The service providers that stand out have loyal customers, lots of options, special rates, coupons and stable, fast hosting. Media Temple meets almost every one of those requirements for site owners. They offer various web hosting packages including:

  • Managed VPS Hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • Developer VPS Hosting

media temple hosting review

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Each of these hosting plans provides support for small businesses, ecommerce, web designers, blog, portfolio, web developers and much more.

Some highlights about Media Temple’s web hosting include:

  • Affordable pricing
  • Comprehensive technical support
  • Fast hosting
  • Easy to add domains
  • Lots of specials and coupons

High Quality at Affordable Prices

There seems to be a lack of reliable hosting companies out there. Whether it’s a host that completely drops your site or the site can’t ever load quickly enough, hosting plays a key role in determining how visitors will respond to an online page. Media Temple offers comprehensive services for the best price currently in hosting. Their packages are $50 and under a month. For instance, shared hosting is only $20 a month and allows you to host 100 sites for just one price. Their cloud hosting is also one of the best on the market today. While businesses can typically pay over $20,000 per month to install cloud hosting and networking, it’s only $7,500 a month with Helix from Media Temple.

Always on Support

It’s rare to see a hosting company offer true 24/7 technical support, but that’s the difference with Media Temple. Customers are able to phone, email, live chat or use Twitter for support requests. Just by tweeting, people have gotten a quick reply from Media Temple.

The support staff always resolves issues in a timely manner. Multiple reviewers suggest that the company focuses much of their budget on high quality technical support to ensure that customers always have stable hosting.

Simple to Use Services

Media Temple has a comprehensive list of services and products. Customers are able to get all kinds of web hosting, cloud hosting, domain registration, SSL certifications and much more. Best of all, these services don’t require a person to be very Internet tech-savvy.

The support pages also include a huge knowledge base filled with answers and guides to various issues resolved in the past. With multiple packages, it’s easy to register a domain for cheap, pick a cheap host and start building a dynamic site with Media Temple’s cloud hosting packages.

Client Showcase

One of the things that makes Media Temple one of the more friendlier and personable hosting companies is its client showcase page. While the company is already very active on Twitter and Facebook, Media Temple also features videos uploaded by customers. Clients can also volunteer to get road test new products and services that are still in development.

Why People Love Grid-Serve Hosting Plans

One of the most popular features by Media Temple is the Grid-Service or gs hosting plan that uses Linux. While this is the shared web hosting plan, it’s also a bit more ahead of the game. Customers can use it to design and prepare for traffic spikes with dynamic features and MySQL SmartPool system. It also provides 1TB bandwidth and 100 GB storage space.

Other Linux-Based VPS Hosting Options

Media Temple gives customers two options for hosting including a dedicated-virtual service or server plan.

The dedicated virtual service plans are specifically made for customers who want a VPS but want to have administration capabilities accessible through a control panel. This type of service is also managed. Customers have six different DV hosting options that are mainly based on size. The largest is 3TB bandwidth with 600GB of disk space.

The server plans are only for those who expert server administrators and know Linux. If you want to build your system from the ground up, this is the best option for those using Media Temple.

Few Things to Consider

Media Temple doesn’t really post any claims about its uptime or downtime. It does have two data centers in California and Virginia, which use a fiber optic connection. These are top tier centers that operate 24 hours a day, every day of the week including holidays. While some users have reported issues with uptime, the reviews have always been positive about the responsiveness of technical support.

Customers don’t get a lot of freebies as they do with other hosts. For example, Google Adword credits won’t be included and neither will free domain names. However, there are a variety of specials and coupons customers can take advantage of.

Money Back Guarantee

If customers aren’t satisfied with their hosting, they can easily get their money back within 30 days with most plans. The dedicated server plan only allows for 7 days.

As one of the larger hosting companies, Media Temple delivers a reliable service for cheap prices and also stays in tune with its customers through several social media outlets.

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