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  • Media Temple Web Hosting Review

    media temple hosting review

    When trying to run a successful site, owners have to have a comprehensive web host. The service providers that stand out have loyal customers, lots of options, special rates, coupons and stable, fast hosting. Media Temple meets almost every one of those requirements for site owners. They offer various web hosting packages including: Managed VPS […]

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  • Premium Web Hosting Plans from Media Temple: A Quick Overview

    media temple hosting plans

    Media Temple is one of the popular web hosting companies online today. They have a variety of big businesses and developers using their products and services while also complimenting on the uptime, downtime, support and storage capacity of their premium VPS hosting plans. There are a range of hosting options that you can choose with […]

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  • 10 Best Web Hosting Video Ads on YouTube


    Have you ever noticed the hosting YouTube ads that play before videos? Most likely, it is due to your visiting that host’s website or similar recently. Google does this with all of its ads; they target what advertisements they show you by matching it with your recent search history. This is great in two ways: […]

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  • Choosing a New Host – Things to Remember

    choosing a web host

    There are a ton of articles out there about choosing web hosts, don’t worry, this isn’t more of the same. In this article, we’re going to look into moving web hosts – not just getting a new one, an actual hosting relocation! Of course a lot of the same factors apply but hopefully this article […]

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  • How Good Is a Free Website and How to Make It a Success?


    Having a website that looks high-end and offers a professional look is vital to securing your online reputation whether you own a business, or your website if for personal/entertainment purposes. But having a quality website generally takes a lot of time to build and maintain. Furthermore, in order to get that opulent look that offers […]

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  • Shared Web Hosting vs. Dedicated Server Hosting


    Web hosting service is a must for anyone owning a website and in order to know which of these services you need, you should learn the differences between the two main ones: dedicated hosting and shared web hosting. Whole server vs. only a portion of it One difference that can be seen directly from the […]

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  • Hostgator Web Hosting Plans and Review


    Almost all web-hosting providers provide services like shared hosting with cPanel Control Panel and WHM Control Panel features, but HostGator is ahead of all other companies. They are one of the biggest players in the industry with loyal customers. One of the top 10 web hosting companies, HostGator has hosted domains over 800,000 in number. […]

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