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cheap Frontpage VPSMicrosoft Frontpage is one of the most powerful Web development tools available out there today. To get the most effective experience from Frontpage, though, you need a Web host that is fully compatible with all its features. Using Frontpage, you can work directly on your website and see changes made instantly. Likewise, you could work on several different pages at one time and then allow them to “go live” at a time of your choosing. Frontpage makes sophisticated sites easy!

Although its functions are supported through FTP and other Web host basics, some hosts have disabled parts of Frontpage to improve data security on their servers. That being the case, you should always make sure your host offers all Frontpage features.

Three of the Cheap Frontpage VPS Hosting Options That Provide the Most for Your Money:

1. HostingSource

HostingSource makes it easy for you to use your integrated Frontpage features thanks to the Plesk control panel that helps you monitor your website. It takes only a few minutes to set up Frontpage for the first time. Once you’re done, you can easily update your site for its entire life. HostingSource VPS is regarded as one of the most reliable in the industry. Features are both inexpensive and robust, allowing you to administer unlimited sites. Plus, you have your choice of Linux or Windows hosting if you are a power user who requires a certain operating system.

Three Great Features of the HostingSource “VPS I” Basic VPS Plan:

  • Access to One Gigabyte of RAM, 20 Gigabytes of Storage, Three Terabytes of Bandwidth
  • SSL Certificates Available to Help E-Commerce Sites Manage Sensitive Customer Data
  • Deep Discounts of Up to 15 Percent for Purchasing Your VPS Services in Advance

2. Interserver

Interserver is one of the top VPS companies in the world for those looking for a great deal. As with HostingSource above, you can set up your Frontpage functionality through your cPanel or Direct Admin suite, which is included with your VPS package. If you feel your site will grow very quickly and might need lots more resources than it does today, Interserver may be your best bet. It has the lowest starting cost of any VPS host, and each “slice” of resources adds tons of of RAM, bandwidth and space.

Outstanding Features of Interserver’s “OPENVZ” VPS:

  • 25 Gigabytes of Storage, 1024 Megabytes of Memory and One Terabyte of Data Transfer
  • Lowest Prices in the Industry and Instant Access to Any Upgrades That You Choose
  • 9 Percent Site Accessibility Plus Instant Cloud-Based Snapshots and Backups

3. MyHosting

MyHosting offers extensive support and “knowledgebase” help for setting up your site to be fully compatible with Microsoft Frontpage. Its Plesk website administration suite is great for streamlining core Web management tasks so that you can focus on the important business of growing your Web presence. For those who want the best deal on cheap Frontpage VPS hosting, the Linux VPS option at MyHosting offers a great price tag and all the features you expect. Add-on features like cPanel and Plesk PowerPack help energize your site for a minimal extra cost. Thanks to OnCloud, MyHosting is great for webmasters “on the go.”

The Best Features of the MyHosting Custom Linux VPS:

  • 512 Megabytes of RAM, 20 Gigabytes of Disk Space and 300 Gigabytes of Bandwidth
  • Immediate Access to Your Site from Anywhere Using cPanel and OnCloud Technology
  • Optional Features Including Fantastico, RVSkin and a Wide Variety of Other Tools

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