What to Look for in Cheap VPS Hosting

For a small or medium sized business owner who is looking for a cost effective way to get online, a virtual private server hosting solution is usually the way to go. The VPS, as it is shortened, has many advantages that combine the best attributes of shared and dedicated servers without combining their prices.

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Advantages of VPS hosting for small businesses

Below are just a few of the advantages that a small business webmaster can receive from the right VPS host.

1. Added security: Although most small businesses do not believe that they need the security of a dedicated server, it is a fact that most hackers target small businesses. If your business does not have the internal security that most of the larger corporations have on-site, then a VPS hosting solution can provide you with a low cost security alternative.

2. Quicker performance: Shared hosting solutions slow down every time a new business is added to the server. Although virtual private servers still physically function as a shared server, they are partitioned in such a way that the resources that are being used by one business to not cause another business to see its website slow down.

3. Scalable resources: Most small business owners have a dream to become bigger than they are one day. For this to occur, the hosting solution that they choose will have to grow with them. The easiest way to incorporate this broke into a business without having to switch hosts is to get a VPS hosting solution from the start. More resources can easily be attributed to a certain website without having to go through a complete change in the system.

Are you looking for cheap VPS hosting?

If you are looking for a virtual private server hosting solution that is relatively low-cost compared to the market, Interserver, MyHosting as well as Media Temple are good choices, especially when they are vetted for their features. All of these companies have earned their reputation within the marketplace for guaranteed uptime as well as quick service and security features that keep things running smoothly.

When a business owner is trying to make a decision between virtual private server hosting solutions with similar feature sets, webmasters should consider the following:

1. What is the guaranteed uptime of the host?

There is nothing more frustrating on the client side than going to a website looking for the solution to a problem and finding a 404 screen instead. Guaranteed uptime is the guarantee that the host gives to its clients that it will always be functioning. This speaks to the expertise of the in-house IT as well as to the stability of the system itself.

2. Does the hosting solution have mirrored sites or redundant servers?

One of the easiest ways to protect a host against downtime is to have mirror sites or redundant servers that will redirect web traffic in case the main site on a host goes down. This rather basic security feature should be included in a package that you choose for a web-based business.

3. Does the hosting solution have the ability to expand to include new third-party applications as they hit the market?

As new technologies hit the market, a business owner might want to be able to include them in the website. A hosting solution should be able to easily incorporate new technologies from known third-party application providers without too much of a hassle.

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