Shared Web Hosting vs. Dedicated Server Hosting

Web hosting service is a must for anyone owning a website and in order to know which of these services you need, you should learn the differences between the two main ones: dedicated hosting and shared web hosting.

Whole server vs. only a portion of it

One difference that can be seen directly from the name of the service is that with a dedicated hosting you have the server all for yourself, while with a shared one you need to share the server with other website owners. This server operates in the same way a computer device operates with features of hosting files, networks, memory for web pages and so on.


Server hardware control

The other difference comes with the fact that with a dedicated server you will be in control of managing the hardware, and other features available. As to the shared hosting, the multiple websites will be managed by a single service which becomes too busy to attend the particularities of a website. Due to this fact, the service provided through shared may be at times unresponsive to your needs.

Security of your website

Apart from the above, there is always the risk to have your website violated or infected with viruses when you make use of shared web hosting service. When it comes to this, the security and safety of dedicated hosting will be ensured in a complete way as with your own server it is only you administering it without any outside intrusion.

The price difference

One other thing that makes dedicated hosting different from shared web hosting is the price, the first service being provided at a more expensive cost than the later one.

However, when you reach to pay the ‘rent’ for a dedicated hosting, you must make sure that you find several such providers and require for their quotes and features they offer with the package. Also do some research and find out their customers’ comments related to the services and the level of satisfaction. If it happens that over time you won’t be satisfied with the provider you have chosen you can always transfer your site to another one.

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