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  • How to Own a Website for Under $100 a Year

    own a website

    Are you interested in running your own website, but not sure if you can afford it? With the right techniques, you can drive down the costs of maintaining your site to $100 a year or less. Consider these easy methods! 1. Pre-Pay for Hosting When you pre-pay for Web hosting, you will often have the […]

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  • 5 Reasons to Move over from Shared Hosting to VPS

    why move from shared hosting to vps

    Many websites get started with shared hosting. Shared hosting is inexpensive and provides an easy way to test new website ideas. However, once your site begins to grow and become established, you’ll find a number of drawbacks to shared hosting. Generally, you’ll want to upgrade to better hosting as soon as your budget allows it. […]

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  • Weed Out Failures and Find a Web Host That Works

    An online business is something you can launch and control from within the confines of your own house. You don’t have to don the suit and tie before heading out to work, but you still need to maintain a business state of mind if you want to be successful in your tasks and jobs that you’ll […]

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  • Why Take Your Business Online?


    How to incorporate the internet world into your business world There are a number of beneficial reasons for you to incorporate the Internet within your business structure. Moreover, the Internet is an extremely powerful tool for marketing, branding, advertising and promoting your products or services. First, the Internet allows you to reach millions of viewers […]

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  • Analyze Your Web Stats for Better Performance


    Your company’s website should virtually deliver your businesses services. Your website should clearly indicate the types of services your company offers. A website that looks too busy or cluttered will not keep visitors on your website for long. You may want to hire a professional website designer to recreate your website if it is not […]

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  • Manage Your Business Blog with High Speed Internet Connection


    Staying ahead in the business world today requires owners to keep their websites accessible, up-to-date and rich with information that provides value to potential customers. A reliable Internet service that allows users to connect from anywhere is ideal for businesses that are managing a website while attending to other professional tasks. Internet service providers with […]

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  • Different Types of Web Hosting: Which One is Right for You?


    Web hosting is a must for any individual or business wanting to make an impression online.  It’s the process by which your web site is stored on a public server, giving users worldwide access to it.  But there are a few ways to go about it, as you’ll see below. Free Hosting:  While the notion […]

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  • What is Web Accessibility and Why is it Important?


    The answer is fairly simple, actually.  “Web accessibility” refers to the idea and practice of making websites usable by as many people as possible, regardless of their web-surfing knowledge and other abilities.  For a business web site, this is academic—of course you want to reach as many users as possible.  Web promotion is one half […]

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  • Best Web Hosting for Beginners: How to Choose


    If you are starting a website or choosing a web host for the first time, there are a number of factors that you should take into account. One of the most important factors is bandwidth or transfer. Bandwidth or transfer is measured by multiplying the size of your site with the number of visitors you […]

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