PageLines Theme Review: A Powerful WordPress Framework to Make Your Website Better

Are you tired of dull unattractive theme on your website or blog? Do you need a unique framework to give you more flexibility and better user experience to your viewers? Have a look at PageLines framework – an affordably priced highly unique framework. They embrace the latest trends in page making and use some of the best softwares that have been developed in recent years. This factor makes their framework highly distinct and effective. They also offer installing of themes that correspond to PageLines that they develop for blogs and websites. Here is a detailed review of this wonderful WordPress framework or platform called PageLines.

PageLines WordPress theme


These are built professionally with some of the most trusted software developers in the U.K. They are highly customizable and correspond to most PageLines. You have a good number of options to modify any theme that pleases you. There is an option created for downloading the latest updates for your framework whenever you want to add value to your website or blog. Their menus are easy to use.

The PageLines comes with a user friendly options panel to help you customize the theme without touching any theme template. They understand that editing a template file can be so difficult especially if you have little knowledge about the entire procedure. Their frameworks have several custom widgets for displaying various feed and content like recent comments, Twitter feeds, featured post, and Flick photos. This gives you the privilege of accessing social Media’s platforms in simple clicks of your mouse.

Framework Version (Developer / Business Edition)

They have the best softwares that edit the resolution that you are interested in. This makes it easy for viewers to view your websites in iPods and Android enabled phones.Framework Version has nice WordPress responsive themes, which are automated. The framework version is easy to use and enables your web viewers to experience real color themes. This automatically corresponds to the screen size of iPhone, iPod or computer thus, enabling your viewers to have fun while browsing on your site. All these have been made possible thanks to the smart coding device that detects the size of the machine being used and automatically resize your theme to the perfect size for viewers use. Their Smart coding plays an important role in creating a good resolution for your computer, iPhone or iPod.

Their Framework has discount codes. This offer is often available in every instance they launch new themes to the market. The discount prices are shortlisted and serve you best in terms of saving money. The frameworks are also sold at affordable prices. Their services are also more effective compared to several companies online and they serve you best in your desktop, laptop, iPod, iPhones or in your android enabled cell phone. You will definitely enjoy the dynamic nature of PageLines. They look so attractive. A 30% discount price is offered for every Framework Version you purchase from their website. The following are services that you will benefit from when you purchase their Framework developers/Business edition).

  • Over 40 Drag & Drop Sections
  • Over 20 Free Extensions (w/ Plus)
  • Integrations Support (Vanilla, Mediawiki)
  • All professional tools (shortcodes, grid, etc…)
  • Premium and Free Extensions in PageLines Store
  • Search and Social Enhanced
  • No credit link
  • WordPress Multisite Support
  • Unlimited use on personal or client sites
  • 100+ design and layout options 2

Framework Version (Professional / Personal Edition)

Subscription to Their professional or personal framework edition gives you a guarantee of getting alerts whenever there are good discounts for you. However, the standard discount that they offer Their clients is a 40% discount on any framework purchased. If you are interested in purchasing amazing professional/ personal framework at lower prices, plan on making the purchase during the holidays. They understand that you want to have as many PageLines on your websites and blogs. In the holiday seasons, you can enjoy up to 30% discount price for any framework purchase. The following are some of the services that they offer:

  • Photo touch frameworks
  • Slide frameworks
  • Response frameworks
  • Full screen frameworks
  • Suco frameworks
  • Minis hop frameworks
  • Shop demo frameworks
  • Grido frameworks
  • Shop dock frameworks
  • Postlinbe frameworks
  • Agency frameworks
  • Basic frameworks
  • Simfo frameworks
  • Pin board frameworks
  • Tisa frameworks
  • Elemin Pin board frameworks
  • Folo Pin board frameworks
  • Funki Pin board frameworks
  • Edmin Pin board frameworks
  • Ithemes Pin board frameworks
  • Newsy Pin board frameworks
  • Koi Pin board frameworks
  • Rezo tPin board frameworks
  • Photo box Pin board frameworks
  • Theme frameworks
  • Minbl Pin board frameworks
  • Bizco frameworks
  • Wumblr Pin board frameworks
  • Bloggie frameworks
  • Wigi frameworks
  • Blogfolio frameworks
  • Sidepane frameworks

Benefits of purchasing PageLines framework

  • The framework comes in hand with a custom toolbar that makes it easy to customize your theme
  • They have the best software installed deliver visual effects of the highest quality
  • The framework has the best WordPress responsive themes, which automatically correspond to the window resolution of iPhone, iPod or computers.
  • The frameworks can be modified to your most preferred size

PageLines framework for blog and office use

PageLines framework is the best for websites, offices and blog use. The most preferred theme that works best for business blogs is the Side pane version. It has reasonable space that gives you the privilege of making more posts in your blog. You can embrace the use of the side panel to make advertisements in your blog or alternative link social media sites such as Facebook, and Twitter to your blog or website. It has attractive frameworks that make browsers develop an interest of reading your posts.

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