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  • How to Own a Website for Under $100 a Year

    own a website

    Are you interested in running your own website, but not sure if you can afford it? With the right techniques, you can drive down the costs of maintaining your site to $100 a year or less. Consider these easy methods! 1. Pre-Pay for Hosting When you pre-pay for Web hosting, you will often have the […]

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  • 9 Best Webmaster Tips for Beginners

    webmaster tips

    Being a webmaster can seem complicated, but if you boil it down to a few essential tips and do them consistently, you will make progress. Webmasters may work with different topics and audiences, but their end goals are usually the same: Gain a wider audience, including a substantial following of repeat visitors. Promote certain products […]

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  • 10 Examples of Most Interesting 404 Error Pages

    interesting 404 not found error pages

    It’s a fact that error 404 cannot be avoided altogether; there are many directions it may creep in from. For example, a user desperately looking for something specific on your site may try typing in the topic directly into the URL in the hope of finding the page, and may instead be welcomed with the […]

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  • How to Choose the Right WordPress Theme for Your Website: 10 Things to Consider

    choosing a WordPress theme

    The beauty of a template based web designing system is that it allows you to keep the content separate from design. Templates, better known as themes in WordPress, are a great way to spruce up your site. Technically speaking, your site won’t load if you don’t have a theme installed. That’s the reason a WordPress […]

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  • Top 10 WordPress Premium Business Themes


    Are you searching for that perfect WordPress theme to showcase your business portal in the world of internet? Well, we are here to get your business off the ground with a professional looking stunning web design. All you need to do is to fasten your seat-belt as we take you through this round up of the finest collection of WordPress corporate/business themes. All […]

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  • Top 10 WordPress eCommerce Themes


    If you are looking for the most suitable theme to showcase your online store or eCommerce website, you are at the right place to begin your research. Here is a round-up on the most impressive WordPress eCommerce themes available in the premium theme segment. 10. Store (Developed By – Obox Themes) ‘Store’ Highlight: ‘Visual Customizer’ is one […]

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  • 7 Best Responsive, Multipurpose Joomla Templates

    multipurpose joomla templates

    Regarded as one of the most flexible, easy-to-use and secure PHP based content management systems, Joomla can be the perfect fit for building your online identity. Right from a personal blog to business portfolio, eCommerce venture, online news/magazine website, podcast gallery or photo-blog – Joomla can serve you aptly for creating a wide range of websites and […]

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  • PageLines Theme Review: A Powerful WordPress Framework to Make Your Website Better

    PageLines WordPress theme

    Are you tired of dull unattractive theme on your website or blog? Do you need a unique framework to give you more flexibility and better user experience to your viewers? Have a look at PageLines framework – an affordably priced highly unique framework. They embrace the latest trends in page making and use some of […]

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  • How Good Is a Free Website and How to Make It a Success?


    Having a website that looks high-end and offers a professional look is vital to securing your online reputation whether you own a business, or your website if for personal/entertainment purposes. But having a quality website generally takes a lot of time to build and maintain. Furthermore, in order to get that opulent look that offers […]

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  • Exporting Content from a WordPress Site Is a Piece of Cake


    There are several scenarios when you would want to export content from a WordPress blog or website. First note that here I am talking about a self-hosted site. This means that you’ve got your own domain name registered along with your site database, and web files reside on your own paid hosting account. This then […]

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  • How to Create a Website and Make Money Online?


    Thousands of people every day go to the internet to try to earn an income. People are tired of the 9-to-5 grind that comes with a day job. What happens when these people try to start their own business from home on the internet? For the vast majority, they end up not making any money. […]

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  • What Is Grid Based Web Design ?


    Every good web design site will tell you that clarity is the key. Especially with the size of screens decreasing as more people start browsing on smartphones and tablets, the importance of getting information across clearly and succinctly continues to grow. Many web designers have found that grid-based designs are an effective means of portraying […]

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