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  • DirectAdmin Tutorial – Working with MySQL Database


    DirectAdmin, one of the leading cPanel alternatives,  is a popular cost-effective hosting control panel interface developed by JBMC Softwares. It is gradually acquiring widespread acceptance among webmasters and web hosting companies for its flexible pricing structure, easy-to-use interface and other unique features like automatic recovery from system crashes. With the reputation of providing great customer support, a number of hosting service providers are incorporating DirectAdmin […]

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  • DirectAdmin Tutorial: Setting Up Custom Error Pages


    Error Page: An Error Page is a web page that gets displayed when the requested resource (web page) becomes unavailable due to various reasons such as server error, client-server connectivity issues, access restrictions set up by the site admin or error in typing the destination URL. Different types of error pages are denoted by different error codes. For example, […]

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  • DirectAdmin Tutorial – Installing SSL Certificate

    directadmin ssl certificate

    SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It is a network transport layer protocol used to ensure secure transactions between web servers and browsers. The protocol uses a third party, a Certificate Authority (CA), to encrypt the transported data. SSL encryption uses the concept of private key/public key pair, where data encrypted with one key can only be decrypted by […]

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  • Creating a Catch-all Mailbox – DirectAdmin Tutorial

    directadmin catchall mailbox

    What is a Catch-all Mailbox: Catch-all mailbox refers to a email repository on a domain that can “catch all” of the emails addressed to that particular domain name, including the mails directed to any non-existent mailbox. Let’s illustrate the usefulness of a catch-all mailbox with an example. Suppose, you own a domain name and you […]

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  • How to Transfer Files Using Command Line FTP (Windows)

    transfer files using command line ftp

    We all know how to upload/download files using a FTP Manager client program available in our hosting control panel. You must have used FTP file manager/services like proftpd or FileZilla on numerous occasions. But what do you do if the hosting control panel does not offer you any FTP service? Or, at the worst, if your VPS […]

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