Creating a Catch-all Mailbox – DirectAdmin Tutorial

What is a Catch-all Mailbox:

Catch-all mailbox refers to a email repository on a domain that can “catch all” of the emails addressed to that particular domain name, including the mails directed to any non-existent mailbox.

directadmin catchall mailbox

Let’s illustrate the usefulness of a catch-all mailbox with an example. Suppose, you own a domain name and you have set up two domain email addresses – (a) and (b) Now if you configure a third mailbox – – and use this mailbox as your catch-all email, then any email erroneously sent to an invalid email address on your domain (for example, will be delivered at the catch-all mailbox. Configuring a catch-all mailbox can also prevent losing emails due to misspelling/typo (for example – email sent to

Majority of the web hosting service providers allow webmasters to create one catch-all mailbox for each domain name. Creating a catch-all mailbox in DirectAdmin can be a bit tricky, unless you are well-versed with DirectAdmin hosting interface. For the benefit of our valuable readers, we are providing this detailed step by step guide on configuring your first catch-all mailbox using DirectAdmin hosting control panel.

STEP-1: Once you have logged in to your DirectAdmin home interface, scroll down to the “E-mail Management” section. Click on the “Catch-All Email” menu item (Column 1, Row 2).

STEP-2: You are now in catch-all email set up page. By default, the radio button adjacent to “Fail” will be enabled – which actually notifies the sender that the sent mail could not be delivered. Depending upon your preference, you can choose either of the three available options:

  1. The sender is notified that the email does not exist.
  2. The email is dropped and completely ignored.
  3. Set-up a default catch-all mailbox to store all such emails directed to any non-existent mailbox.

As the intention behind this tutorial is to set up a catch-all mailbox, we will go with the third option here.

STEP-3: To set up a catch-all mailbox, enable the third radio button. Select an already created domain mailbox using the drop-down list. You can also choose to type an email address in the input box. Please note that this feature in DirectAdmin allows you to specify even a non-domain mailbox. If you don’t have a domain email account, you can enter your gmail or hotmail account as well.

STEP-4: After providing the input for your catch-all mailbox, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the “Update” button.

A notification will be shown to confirm the set up of your catch-all mailbox.

Please Note: Since the advent of mass spamming, few hosting service providers have disabled this feature. They discourage their customers from configuring a catch-all email account in order to combat spam mails and reduce network congestion. If your hosting partner does not support the configuration of catch-all mailbox, you can try out email alias feature for the email accounts that are often misspelled.

For example, if one of your domain mailbox accounts,, is often misspelled as contactus@yourdomain .com – you can add the later as an email alias for the former, so that emails directed to both these accounts are received by a common mailbox.