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  • 3 Cheapest Linux VPS Hosting Options

    cheap Linux VPS

    Just like the way you need an Operating System (OS) to run your personal computer, web server also requires an operating system to function. Linux and Windows are among the two most popular operating systems that are available in VPS hosting. But since Linux is an open source OS, it is much cheaper compared to […]

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  • Top 3 Linux VPS Hosting

    Linux VPS hosting

    Choice of Operating System is one of the crucial aspects of zeroing in on a particular hosting partner. While the majority of website owners prefer a Unix-based open source Operating System like Linux, there is decent demand for Windows VPS as well, especially from the webmasters interested in using Plesk as their hosting control panel. The […]

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  • Choosing a Cheap Linux VPS Hosting


    Why do people prefer to host their websites on a Linux virtual private server? Countless online as well as off-line sources herald the importance of hosting websites on cheap Linux VPS. Is it beneficial to the end user? What are some of the pointers that you need to bear in mind while signing up for […]

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  • Regular Linux VPS vs Cloud Based VPS Hosting


    Linux VPS servers are quite popular nowadays because of its easy accessibility and easy to use options. Many people are now going for Linux VPS hosting is depending on a single server which could produce manifold containers. It is a technique of zoning an active server computer into multiple hosts so much that each has […]

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  • Reliability and Advantages of Linux VPS


    There are many reasons why people tend to prefer to opt for the cheapest Linux VPS when there are Windows VPS solutions out there. One of the main reasons is the cost. The cost of a Linux based server solution is cheaper than a Windows based server solution as the latter comes with a licensing […]

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  • Do I Need a Control Panel with Linux VPS?


    You might have emerged on a web hosting requirement today and you might have taken the decision to opt for a Linux based web sever of the VPS plan. The VPS plans are those where you will get server space akin to owning one yourself. The differences are the advantages of getting managed services related […]

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  • Linux VPS vs Windows VPS Hosting: Difference and Pros and Cons


    Today VPS services are made available with different options and plans by different web hosting service providers. When you are about to choose a VPS web hosting service, you need to first understand what your online needs are. Then you need to figure out whether you have the resources to fulfill the requirements. When you […]

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