Snovio Adds Drip Campaign Tool to Their Email Outreach Platform

Outreach automation platform, Snovio, offers a set of useful tools for email marketing. It lets you find and verify email addresses for better conversion thanks to two popular tools: email finder and email verifier. Email tracker and technology checker are additional features you are provided with when using the platform. Drip Campaigns is the feature which is probably the most used within the service. Here’s how you can take advantage of these tools to take full charge of the lead generation process.

Email Finder

Snovio email finder

Use Snovio email finder to widen the outreach by finding bloggers, webmasters, and other influencers for effective lead generation. The tool allows you to conduct search with different parameters to find the prospect you are looking for. You can also search for leads by a domain name. The tool is extremely fast and gives you all the email addresses on a given domain in a few minutes. You can use the bulk domain option to explore as many as 20,000 domains in one search.

The email finder has its own database of company profiles. You can use this database to find companies based on the industry, size, location, and other attributes. If you have a list of names but don’t have the corresponding email addresses, you can even search by name and company to find the email addresses of the prospects. Use Bulk Search to scan multiple sources and find perfect people for the campaign. You can browse by location, skills, and position, and make use of various filters.

The email finder is also available as a Chrome extension. You can use this tool to find emails while browsing a website. Just click the extension icon on the browser and save the emails to the list (you can create a new list on-the-go). The extension also lets you conduct search on the professional social network to find email addresses of group members and people from different companies. Similarly, you can also find and save emails from Google search, Facebook, and Twitter in just a few clicks.

Email Verifier

This tool is for cleaning up the email list. It helps you remove invalid email addresses and reduce the email bounce rate. Ideally, you should aim to keep the bounce rate within 10-15 percent. Snovio email verifier uses real-time check by aggregating data from their own server in order to ensure that the results are accurate. It’s also extremely fast and can process huge email lists in no time. You can export the processed email list using various options. For example, you can export all contacts and emails, only valid emails, or valid and uncertain emails.

Email Tracker

Snovio email tracker

Know when the prospects open the emails and click on the embedded links. The email tracker is slick, secure, and free. It sends out real-time notifications providing with all necessary data on sent emails. You can switch between different Gmail accounts. Whenever you want, tracking can be turned off right from the Chrome extension. What is more, the Email Tracker doesn’t attach any visible signatures to track the messages. So, the email won’t be spoiled by unnecessary words and logos.

Technology Checker

What technology are your prospects or competitors using? Are they using WordPress or some other CMS? What e-commerce platform are they on? Use Snovio technology checker to find out a list of companies using a certain technology. You can then find people to contact from a given company based upon the requirements.

Email Drip Campaigns Tool

Snovio email drip campaigns

This tool lets you set up and automate personalized email campaigns within a matter of minutes. It has a visual tool to help you build email sequences and smart follow-ups. You can choose appropriate triggers for each follow-up email and put the email marketing on autopilot.

The drip campaign tool allows you to send out mass emails to a large number of prospects in one go. Needless to say, you can track the performance of the campaign by analyzing statistics such as who opened and/or clicked on which email, how many replies you’ve received, and how many times people clicked the link embedded in the message.

Instead of sending out emails to everyone in the email list, you can also choose to send emails only to specific people in the list. The tool gives you the option to send emails with plain text messages in order to increase the delivery rate. Additionally, you may want to use variables in the subject line and body of emails to get better response to the campaign.

Another feature within the drip campaigns tool is templates. For now, you can create emails and save the templates for later. So, they are always available and you can use any of them any time you need.

Wrapping up

The best thing about Snovio tools is that all of them are free to use. The pricing plans are quite reasonable and affordable starting at $29 only. Thanks to this platform, you can improve the delivery rate, skyrocket sales, and save time.

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