Plesk Panel Tutorial – Creating an Email Account

Creating your first domain email account can sometimes be tricky, especially when you are doing it using a hosting control panel that you are not too familiar with. This tutorial is intended for the webmasters who are new to Plesk hosting panel. It will guide you through the step by step procedure of creating a POP email account in Parallels Plesk Panel.

email account in plesk panel

STEP 1: Login to your Plesk Panel hosting interface, go to the “Domains” shortcut in the navigation pane and select the desired domain name. Then go to the “Services” segment. Click on the “Mail” icon listed there. It is usually the very first icon in “Services” section.

STEP 2: That will bring you to the “Tools” page, which is the main email interface in Plesk panel. Click on the “Add New Mail Name” icon.

STEP 3: Type the desired email address (user name) in the “Mail Name” input box (without Provide a suitable password and repeat it in the “Confirm Password” text box. It can comprise alphanumeric, dash dot and underscore symbols. Check the box “Control Panel Access” if you would like the user to have access to Plesk’s mail administration pane.

Up next is to choose your mail display preferences (language, skin etc) in the subsequent fields. Tick the check box “Allow multiple sessions” if you need concurrent email access from more than one system.

STEP 4: Scroll down a little on the same page and make sure that the check-box next to “Mailbox” is checked. Also, provide your input for mailbox quota in order to ensure that the mailbox size remains in control. If required, turn spam filtering on by marking the adjacent check-box.

Now that you have provided all the required information, the last step would be to click on the “OK” button. A notification will be displayed to confirm the creation of your POP email account.

To validate the same, you can also go back to the “Tools” page (STEP-2), scroll down to the “Mail name” table. The newly created email account will be listed there.