How to Choose a Web Hosting Provider for Your WordPress Blog

When you want to have a WordPress blog, one of the important things to consider is how to get the best web hosting service for your blog. Most of the providers give you a positive impression that they are relatively cheap and you can easily set up your own WordPress blogs with the help of a plugin.


A great web hosting service should have a combination of great hosting features which should include unlimited space and bandwidth and also a good service. Are you having a hard time deciding on a web hosting service for your WordPress Blog? Keep in mind following criteria when choosing your web hosting services.

1. Your Disk Space Quota

It is important to check the disk space available on your hosting plan. This is important because a lot of space will be needed for hosting a large WordPress blog and this also gives you a lot of room for storing larger files such as videos on your website. To get the best out of this, you can compare different hosting plans from a variety of service providers in order to see which one offers the largest amount of space. It is also important to note that the best hosts always allow unlimited space.

2. Monthly Cap on Bandwidth

Another thing to note is the monthly cap on bandwidth because without enough bandwidth, your WordPress Blog will not be able to cope with huge traffic, which will result in frequent downtime. This implies that when choosing between the available plans for your website, you should consider the level of the monthly traffic your website will be receiving. Higher the traffic your blog gets, greater the amount of bandwidth you’ll need.

3. Available Plugins

It is also important that you check for available plugins because having the right plugins with your hosting service tells you that you can do all you intend to do with your WordPress website. You can check all the plugins a hosting plan has to offer, and also to check if they allow for installation of WordPress.

4. FTP Access

Find out whether your hosting provider allows you to upload files with the use of FTP software. It is quite a useful exercise because this means you that don’t always have to log in to your hosting account in order to upload new files to your WordPress site.

5. Uptime Guarantee

Be sure to check the guaranteed uptime. It refers to the percentage of time they can guarantee that your website will be live. The best provider should be able to offer a minimum of 99 percent uptime. This is quite useful because it means that your website will be available every time people try to view the website.

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