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  • Top 3 Windows VPS Hosting Providers

    best Windows VPS providers

    When choosing new VPS hosting, you need consider the choice for server OS. The majority of servers use Linux, but for those who depend on certain MS-specific technologies, a Windows server will be required. Such technologies include ASP, .NET, Microsoft access or Microsoft SQL (MSSQL). (Note: you only need a Windows server if you plan […]

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  • How to Transfer Files Using Command Line FTP (Windows)

    transfer files using command line ftp

    We all know how to upload/download filesĀ using a FTP Manager client program available in our hosting control panel. You mustĀ have used FTP file manager/services like proftpd or FileZilla on numerous occasions. But what do you do if the hosting control panel does not offer you any FTP service? Or, at the worst, if your VPS […]

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  • Linux VPS vs Windows VPS Hosting: Difference and Pros and Cons


    Today VPS services are made available with different options and plans by different web hosting service providers. When you are about to choose a VPS web hosting service, you need to first understand what your online needs are. Then you need to figure out whether you have the resources to fulfill the requirements. When you […]

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