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  • 3 Cheapest Cloud VPS Hosting Options for Your Website

    cheap cloud VPS

    Unlike in traditional VPS where your site is hosted on one of the several virtual slices of a single physical machine, cloud VPS comprises a cluster of servers and hence offers redundancy. It also facilitates resource addition (CPU, RAM, etc.) and moving of server to other hardware during runtime, thus substantially bringing down the downtime. […]

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  • Top 3 Cloud VPS Hosting

    cloud VPS hosting

    Cloud hosting is a relatively new hosting model which offers the scalability and flexibility of a dedicated server, but takes away the pain of configuring and managing your physical server. A cloud hosting environment consists of several virtual machines forming a cluster, all of which utilize a common pool of resources (CPU/RAM/Application etc) that are […]

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  • Regular Linux VPS vs Cloud Based VPS Hosting


    Linux VPS servers are quite popular nowadays because of its easy accessibility and easy to use options. Many people are now going for Linux VPS hosting is depending on a single server which could produce manifold containers. It is a technique of zoning an active server computer into multiple hosts so much that each has […]

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